Queen V by Kalos is our newest line of products dedicated to promote women’s health & beauty. Our products include our Queen V juice, Queen V natural feminine hygiene spray, and our women’s tea. All of our products are 100% natural and made by us to make sure that your every need is met.

Queen v Products

Cold Press Juice

Our juice helps to promote better sexual function, increases stimulation, enhances circulation, lubrication, and strengthen muscle walls.

Feminine Hygiene Spray

Our All-natural Feminine Hygiene Spray, made with fresh rose water, is made to soothe, hydrate, and establish a balanced PH system. It is also free of harmful ingredients and is guaranteed odor protection.

Great for on the go and keeping you fresh!

Women’s Tea Collection

Menstrual Magic Tea

Use the time of your cycle to feel empowered. Take the time to sip, dream, rest, and recharge. 

Made with Fennel, ginger, raspberry leaf and Rosebud pedals.  

Fertility Tea

Even miracles take a little time. Find life in our tea. 

Made with rose petals, red raspberry leaf, cinnamon

Balancing Tea for Menopause

 Good nutrition allows menopause to be the smooth transition it is designed to be.

Made with Chamomile, Sage leaf, and rose petals


Samplers Package

To kickoff our Queen V Collection we’ll be selling 10 samplers package. Our Queen V samplers package includes a sample of each item in our collection. Ladies, our all natural organic products is a sure way for you to revamp your health.

1 Feminine Spray
1 Cold Press Juice
2 Menstrual Magic Tea
2 Fertility Tea
2 Balancing Tea
1 Kalos T-shirt

 Samplers package deliveries and shipments begin on May 30th